Stranger's Hill Certified Organic Greenhouses & Farm
Contact: Lee Jones, Dale Jones
Address: 2815 N. Louden Rd. Bloomington, IN, 47404
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About Us
Stranger's Hil Certified Organic Greenhouses and Farm, owned by Dale and Lee Jones is the oldest Certified Organic farm in Indiana. We were first certified by the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) in 1989, and have maintained our certification ever since. Located in the uplands of north western Monroe County, it is 25 acres of diversified habitat that has been nourished by our organic practices for the past 37 years. We have worked with the natural conditions of the environment to create a sustainable, healthy situation for our produce to grow in.

We start the growing season in January when we begin growing vegetable, herb, perennial and annual plants that we both retail and wholesale. As soon as it is dry enough in the spring we begin plowing and planting the fields where we grow our produce. Over the years people from all over the world have visited our farm to learn about our practices. Lee spent many years lecturing about organic growing, initially for the Master Gardner's program, then for the Growing Organic Education Series sponsered by the City of Bloomington.

This is an entirely new way of marketing for us, and we are excited to participate in it. We also plan to develop a system for customers to safely pick up pre-ordered items at the farm which is just 5 miles west of Bloomington.
Certified organic since 1989, making it the oldest certified organic farm in Indiana. We strive to work with the environment and avoid the use of any kind of inputs as much as possible.