Glorious Daylily Farm
Contact: Karen Saint Rain
Address: 511 Diamond Road Heltonville, IN, 47436
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Phone: 812-834-5693
About Us
I grow simply and sustainably in no-till permanent beds. Two thirds of my growing space is dedicated to perennials. Soil health is a priority and herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers are never used. Crop rotation, companion planting and mulching are my management tools. My family grows a good deal of our own food and always have. But flowers are what I personally really find to be exciting.

My family lives on 60 acres, 20 minutes south of Bloomington. Most of our property is hilly and heavily forested. We are also lucky enough to have small fields for sheep and a four acre pond. The diversity of habitats allows us to encourage biodiversity and habitat for native birds. As well as farming, we also publish virtues and interfaith products which we produce primarily in our barn.

I farm pretty much from the time the sun comes up until I need to shift gears and start other jobs each morning at 10 am. Every year I try to grow more, grow better and become more efficient. I want to prove that one person working just a few hours a day can produce more than the year before. More information is available at

Thank you for your support. -Karen Saint Rain