Bread & Roses Nursery
Contact: Jonas Carpenter & Rachel Beyer
Address: 8652 South Rockport Road Bloomington, IN, 47403
Email Address:
Phone: 812-824-6825
About Us
Bread & Roses is a plant nursery and landscaping company located in Monroe County just outside of Bloomington. We specialize in growing edible and useful species, as well as offering permaculture based design and installation services. Our mission is to help our community transition to a more sustainable and regenerative future.

Our work is geared towards promoting stronger biodiversity and increasing food production in home ecosystems. Stronger biodiversity enhances the overall resilience and habitat for all creatures including songbirds and beneficial insects, while also creating beauty. Increasing home food production offsets the need for imported produce, reduces carbon footprint, saves money, and just tastes better.

Our plants are certified organic and grown on our homestead called Mavourneen Farm. We propagate from our own gardens and purchase seeds and plants from quality, ethical purveyors. Our plants are grown in biological, compost based potting mixes from Morgan Composting in Michigan. The varieties we offer are farmer-tested and selected to thrive in our region. Plant and soil health are top priority!
certified organic, regenerative, permaculture based