Pie First Bakery
Contact: Louise Miracle
Address: 737 N. County Line Road E. Gosport, IN, 47433
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Phone: 812-876-1207
About Us
PIE FIRST BAKERY is owned and operated by Louise and Rick Miracle, and has been in operation since 2012. We specialize in baked goods that bring back all the flavors and memories of the best homemade pastries you can imagine! All crusts, batters and doughs are hand-mixed,hand-rolled and hand-made from scratch, start to finish -- no mixes, preservatives, additives or dyes are added, just pure, natural ingredients. We use recipes handed down from Louise's German grandmother, along with recipes we've developed to get the best possible baked goods available for your home and table. An example is our EXTRA-GOOEY CINNAMON ROLLS -- they took more than two years to develop to arrive at a moist, pillowy dough that is tender and soft, along with a filling that has just the right amount of cinnamon and brown sugar, and topped off with an extra-rich cream cheese frosting. The result, we think, is the best cinnamon roll around. Another example is our pie crust -- customers tell us they love our fruit fillings, but it's the crust they really love! That's music to our ears!

Speaking of PIES, our fruit pies have at least six cups of fruit and are sweetened "this side of the fruit," meaning they're not overly sweet so that the fruit takes center stage. We also use just enough thickener to hold the fruit together. Each pie comes in a metal pie pan, not flimsy metal foil pans. Some of our favorites include Hoosier Sugar Cream pie (the best around, according to several customers), cherry with lattice crust, strawberry-rhubarb, "rhuberry" (rhubarb and blueberries), cherry-peach, "verry berry" (a mixture of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries), along with apple streusel, "orchard" (a combination of apricots, cherries, apples, peaches, blueberries, blackberries, rhubarb and strawberries -- a customer favorite!), blackberry, peach, and gooseberry, to name a few.

In addition to pies (we have over 60 types!), we also offer a long listing of TARTS. These are four-inch pastries (sort of like mini-pies) with either a regular pastry crust or shortbread crust, depending on the filling. They are a great way to offer an array of flavors in case you're having a party. Some of our customers' favorites include French Silk Chocolate with walnut garnish, :Almond Frangipane, apricot with marzipan, chocolate fudge truffle pecan, pecan, cherry, caramel apple and lemony-lemon.

Pie First Bakery also offers JUMBO COOKIES. These are at least four inches in diameter, and include peanut butter, double chocolate espresso, chocolate chunk walnut, white chocolate with dried cherries, and Amish sugar cookies.

EXTRA-GOOEY CINNAMON ROLLS: see above. Each roll is enough for a small army. You'll want to get several and freeze them -- popped into the over for a couple of minutes, you and your family will think you got up at 4:00 AM to make them!

You'll also find jumbo MUFFINS, including banana-walnut, cranberry-orange, lemon-poppyseed, peach cobbler, and cheddar with herbs. Each muffin is in its own brown bakery paper and most have a streusel topping.

Our SCONES are just possibly the best in this area; several of our customers from the British Isles buy them by the dozen to freeze. Our scones are authentic English bits of heaven, moist and buttery, unlike the dry and cakey scones most often found. We offer cranberry-walnut, apriocot-almond, oatmeal date. True to authentic English scones, you won't find these slathered in sugary frostings!

If you're looking for QUICHE, check out our listings. These will be on a special-order basis since they'll need to be kept cool. Our customers' favorites include Feta cheese with spinach, Jarlsberg cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, and an Alsatian quiche made of Swiss cheese, potatoes, bacon and spinach.

And, finally, we're always up-and-ready for something you or your family has in mind, even if it's not on our list. We'd be happy to discuss with you special baked goods that we could research and develop.

PIE FIRST BAKERY is located in a certified Food Establishment kitchen with permits from both the Monroe and Owen Counties' Boards of Health. Our Bakery is in a separate building on our property and you can be assured of an immaculate space in which we make our baked goods -- this is not a home vendor type of situation. You won't find kids and dogs running through our Bakery kitchen!

All baked goods are presented to customers in individual bakery boxes (with our cute pie logo!), white bakery bags, or plastic clamshell containers. This is how you will be given your baked goods whether we're in the online model or outside Summer Farmers' Market.

Pie First Bakery has been a vendor with the Bloomington Winter Farmers' Market since 2012, and a vendor with the City Summer Farmers' Market since 2015.

During the normal outside Summer Farmers' Market, we're there every other Saturday. Check our website ( for the dates we'll be there, once the Market is back to running outside. If we stay with the online model this Summer, the same schedule applies (the dates listed on our website are when we'll be offering our baked goods, whether it's the online store or outside Market.)