Marble Hill Farm
Contact: Whitney and Kip Schlegel
Address: 8101 S. Victor Pike Bloomington, IN, 47403
Email Address:
Phone: 812-824-7877
About Us
Marble Hill Farm, located in Southwest Monroe County, is owned and managed by Kip and Whitney Schlegel and is in its 23rd year of operation. The 150-acre farm sits on one of the highest points in the county and consists of pasture and woodlands. Over two hundred animals live on the farm, including Angus cattle for beef, Shetland sheep for wool, pastured poultry for eggs, two livestock guardian dogs (Wendell and Carson) and horses, donkeys, waterfowl, dogs and cats for pleasure. Marble Hill Farm began its operation with 6 Lowline Angus heifers that have since grown into a herd of 40. Marble Hill Farm (MHF) was the first to market beef at the Bloomington Community Farmers’ Market and we have USDA grass fed beef certification for our grass-finished, all-natural beef (no antibiotics or hormones). The addition of Shetland sheep, now a flock of 100, has enhanced the beauty of the farm in both their presence and the fine wool they produce, some of which is hand-dyed with plants grown on the farm. We offer a wide selection of pure Shetland yarns (different weights and colors) and roving. We have two mobile chicken houses (The MHF Egg Trolley and The MHF Eggscursion) to provide for our pasture-raised brown egg layers. Our eggs have bright yellow yolks and are truly farm fresh! We seek to work in partnership with our community to become better stewards of our land, and to help foster greater understanding of farm life and food systems in Indiana. We are grateful for all the support our community gives our local farmers and farmers’ markets!

Our products are available at the Bloomington Community Farmers' Market, Bloomington Winter Market, and by request from the farm.