McMahan's Natural Garden Farms
Contact: John McMahan
Address: 3820 E 750 N Columbus, IN, 47203
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Phone: 812-371-4935
About Us
I grew up farming with my father. He decided pretty early on in his life that he wanted to live off the land, so began to farm organically on 20 acres of family land in Bartholomew County. He also wrote a column in the local newspaper about organic gardening titled "Farmer John Outdoors".

Even though I am not certified organic at this time, it is second nature to me and there is no other way I would garden. I still farm my father's property, which is now only 11 acres, and I am the 5th generation of my family to do so. I also have my own small property that I have brought back to nature, so to speak, and I garden a lot there. I grow a wide variety of products and enjoy trying out new things as well as taking care of the old things my father started.
All chicken and pork is pastured and fed an all natural, non GMO feed, as well as heirloom grain and produce raised on the farm. All vegetables are non GMO and raised naturally.