Shawnee Hills Farm
Contact: Dr. Shankar Jayaganapathy and Mrs. Melanie McQuinn
Address: 8938 E. Mineral-Koleen Road Owensburg, IN, 47453
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Phone: 713-560-8424
About Us
Nestled near the crest of the scenic, rolling Shawnee Hills, in eastern Greene County, southwest of Bloomington, Dr. Shankar Jayaganapathy and wife, Mrs. Melanie McQuinn established their “dream” farm in 2019, having moved back from their Texas farm where they grew high-quality berries and cattle since 2006. Among their 165 acre estate of forest, hayfields, and cattle pasture is a newly-established 2 acre, hillside, permaculture orchard including an incredibly diverse collection of sustainably-grown fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and vines whose produce will become available in coming years.

Shawnee Hills Farm seeks to become a living model for development and implementation of sustainable methods in agroforestry, silvopasture, and livestock-integrated orchard permaculture through our Shawnee Hills Farm Permaculture Research Station. Our growing methods are truly world-class and innovative, as a paragon of modern permaculture practice, that are both beyond organic and sustainable. We use only natural pest deterrents to provide our customers with all-natural, safe fruits, but also integrate horticultural practices that mitigate the need for external inputs, yet maximize the health of our plants and thus the quality of our produce. We value diversity, not only in our produce selection, but also in the global community we serve, and also value horticultural knowledge and quality of our produce, all of which we carry with us to market for your benefit.

This year, as we are newly entering the local market, we will be serving the Bloomington Community with our native, wild black raspberries and blackberries, and possibly other berries as they start to produce later in the season.

Melanie is the Horticulturalist and General Manager of Shawnee Hills Farm, and holds a minor in agronomy, soils and land use from Purdue, and is a lifelong naturalist. Melanie is a sixth generation Hoosier farmer, having returned to her homeland after a long journey around the world as a frontier explorer. She now looks forward to focusing on opening horticultural frontiers and bringing to your family the finest available, fresh, sustainably-grown, distinctive fruits, many of which cannot be found at your supermarket.